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Transformers Prime: Meet Team Prime (transformers Classified)

Transformers Prime Meet Team Prime

For anybody who is wishing to buy a child's book We have assembled some good info. Transformers Prime: Meet Team Prime is a brilliant book. Written by Ryder Windham / Jason Fry and it was published around April of 2012 by LB Kids. The children's book has 224 pages. If you prefer a copy of this book, visit our affilate button.

LB Kids

Author: Ryder Windham / Jason Fry

In this follow-up novel to Switching Gears, 12-year-old Kevin Bowman is now operating with the Autobots to fight the evil Decepticons and search for his missing brother. Kevin is starting to lose hope until he gets help from the most unexpected person-his nemesis, Douglas. Will the team find what they are looking for or has Douglas set a trap for them at Battle Mountain? Douglas informs the team of a secret cave of ancient Cybertronian weapons situated at Battle Mountain, Nevada. Kevin and Gears think the cave might have clues to the disappearance of Kevin's brother and other missing soldiers.


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