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Transformers Prime: Attack Of The Scraplets !

Transformers Prime Attack Of The Scraplets

Do you want to order a book? Transformers Prime: Attack Of The Scraplets! by Veronica Paz a great book. Written by Veronica Paz and it was published on the 3rd of April, 2012 by LB Kids. The book is 24 pages long, select the hyperlink below.

LB Kids

ISBN: 0316188638
Author: Veronica Paz

When Optimus Prime and Arcee discover a mysterious pod and bring it back to base, it unleashes a horde of deadly alien robots-the Scraplets! Can the team cease the Scraplets' snack attack? Unable to fight them off alone, the Autobots turn to their human pals for support. These critter-sized robots have razor-sharp teeth and love nothing at all more than chomping on fresh metal.


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